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The entire world has been facing the unprecedented coronavirus health crisis for weeks. Discover updates on countries the most impacted by the coronavirus epidemic this Monday May 11th, 2020. Over 4 million cases have been reported and over 280,000 people have died of Covid-19 worldwide. The death toll decreases in Spain, Italy, the UK and the U.S.

In the world, as of Monday May 11, 2020, Covid-19 infected 4,103,136 people. So far, 282,727 people have died worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) guarantees the novel coronavirus comes from an animal: “We have listened again and again to numerous scientists who’ve looked at the sequences, looked at this virus, and we are assured that this virus is natural in origin,” Mike Ryan, the executive director of WHO’s health emergencies program, said.

In Spain, the toll slighlty decreases this Monday May 11, this is the lowest toll since this past March 18th. The virus has killed 123 people in over 24 hours (143 the day before). It takes it to a result of 26,744 deaths and over 227,000 cases reported. Deconfinement starts but schools will only open in September. Spain allows strolls and workout, but with restricted hours based on ages in cities over 5,000 inhabitants. Facemasks are mandatory in public transit. The country reopened small stores, hairdressers by appointment and restaurants for take-outs. Gatherings under 10 people are allowed.

The United-States reports the lowest death toll since March. As of Monday May 11, 1,309,541 cases have been reported. According to the Johns Hopkins Institute, the country reports 776 deaths in 24h (1,568 yesterday), taking it up to a total of 79,522 deaths. The epidemic slows down in New York but grows in Washington. 40 states are still confined. Donald Trump prays for a vaccine to be found quickly. Three members of the group fighting against coronavirus at the White House, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, have been isolated after being in contact with someone tested positive for Covid-19.

In Italy,the toll decreases. As of Sunday May 10, have been reported 165 new deaths in 24 hours, (194 the day before) taking the number of deaths to 30,560 since the beginning of the epidemic. As of today, 219,070 cases have been confirmed so far. The situation in Milan is worrying where slackening is noticed. Italy’s economic capital is like a “bomb” because of the high number of people infected who move around, jeopardizing a new contamination wave, famous virologist Professor Massimo Galli said this Friday.

In France, according to the latest report from the health authorities as for the COVID-19 pandemic, about 138,854 cases have been reported and 26,380 people have died (16,642 deaths in hospitals and 9,738 social-medical centers such as nursing homes). This Sunday May 10, 70 deaths have been reported in France in 24 hours. Deconfinement will start from May 11 with stores and some schools.

China reports 17 new contamination cases as of Monday May 11. The country now reports 84,010 cases and 4,637 deaths, no more death in 24 hours. 5 cases come from Wuhan and 5 from the North-East of the country, near Russia and Northern Korea, the country fears new centers of infection. The city of Shulan has been put on lockdown after 11 cases have been discovered this weekend.

In Russia, the epidemic skyrockets. The country reports 209,688 cases and 1,915 deaths including 88 these past 24 hours. Russia becomes the 4th countryin Europen and the 5th in the world. The death rate remains lower than in Italy, Spain, France, Great-Britain and the United-States. The economic situation worsening leads the regional authorities to soften the restrictive measures despite the sharp increase of daily cases. Work in the industry and building sector is said to resume this May 12th.

The toll in the United Kingdom exceeds the one in Italy. The government reports 31,855 deaths but more if we take deaths outside hospital into account. As of Monday May 11, 269 deaths in 24h (346 yesterday). Deconfinement plan will be presented this Sunday and some measures will be implemented from Monday.

Belgium is the country running the most tests in the world. As of today, the country reports 585 new contamination cases, taking it to a total of 52,596 cases. The Health Authorities have reported 8,581 deaths ( 76 in 24 hours). The country is phasing out with the opening of non essential stores on Monday and the possibility to welcome 4 people at home, but always the same, starting this Sunday.

In Germany, 2 days after gradual deconfinement started, a canton has had to be locked down again this Friday and two more are considering it as more and more cases are reported. As of Monday May 11, 171,879 cases have been reported along with 7,569 deaths ( 20). In Rhineland Westphalia, a large infection center has been reported in Coesfeld, in a meat fatcory and over 100 of the 1,200 employees have been infected. Chancellor Angela Merkel and German regions have agreed on a locally-based reconfinement scheme if the number of cases was to increase again.

Morocco extends confinement up to May 20th. The country reports 6,063 cases but few tests are performed. The country has also reported 188 deaths ( 2 in 24 hours). Living on textile, the country is becoming a massive producer of protective cloth facemasks. Masks will be exported to Europe and especially to France.

Iran reports 222 deaths in 24 hours (123 yesterday) taking it up to a total of 6,418 deaths. The country currently reports 107,603 cases declared. Iran’s Health Minister spokesman Kianoush Jahanpur said “We notice a growing number these past four days, which is meaningful”. Iran made several restriction measures but the population is still not confined.

Japan is getting ready to extend health emergency to May 31. As of Monday May 11, 2020, 15,777cases have been reported in total, and 624 deaths. A report from experts is expected as of today. Yet, this plan does not allow the government to ban trips, it onlny enables governors the possibily to ask inhabitants to remain home and encourage companies to remain shut but without sanction if they do not want to.

Currently reporting 15,996 contamination cases and 800 Covid-19 deaths, Poland has announced to reopen day cares, hotels and shopping malls, librarie and some museums in the next days.

In South Korea, very few new Covid-19 cases have been reported. As of today, Monday May 11, the country reports 10,909 cases and 256 deaths ( 0 in 24 hours). Seoul has decreed the shut down of bars and nightclubs in the capital, because of a new infection center.

In Brazil, the country reports 162,699 cases and 11,123 deaths as of Monday May 11 ( 467 deaths in 24h). Yet, data are widely underestimated. Overwhelmed, authorities struggle testing the living and the dead. Some deaths due to covid-19 are reported with a twenty-day delay. According to estimations shared by the press, the number of people really infected could be twelve to fifteen times heavier than reported by authorities.

Sweden exceeds 2000 deaths. As of Monday May 11, 26,322 cases and 3,225 deaths have been reported. It’s one of the rare countries to have not gone into confinement. The country includes more deaths than its Nordic neighbors.

Vietnam has decided to start phasing out. The country includes less than 300 cases of people affected by Covid-19 and no death. Gatherings remain banned and masks and distancing highly encouraged, but some stores can already reopened this Thursday April 23.

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Romania announced the first deconfinement measures, mandatory facemasks starting from May 15 in closed spaces and public transit. As of today, the country reports 15,362 cases and 961 deaths because of Covid-19.

In Switzerland, the country is phasing out. First hair-dressers, doctors, daycares and garden centers, followed on May 11th by schools and other stores. Then professionsal and secondary schools, universities, zoos and libraries from June 8th. As of Monday May 11, 1,833 deaths and 30,305 cases have been reported as well.

In Denmark, schools are partially reopening. It’s the first country in Europe to reopen daycares, kindergartens and primary schools. Classes have only resume partially in Danish cities and 35% of schools in Copenhagen. The others asked extra time to adapt to the health safety rules but all schools are said to be reopened for April 20. The country – that reacted quickly – reported a relatively low rate of cases and deaths: 10,627 cases and 529 deaths.

In Austria partial deconfinement has started. Small stores under 400sqm, parks and gardens can reopen. From May 1, all stores and hairsalons will be allowed to reopen, followed in Mid-May by hotels and restaurants. The ban of big public gatherings will be sustained until July at least. Schools are closed until mid-May. Facemasks are mandatory. The country currently reports 15,871 cases and 618 deaths.

In Algeria, the African country reporting the largest death toll, confinement is extended up to April 29. As of Monday May 11, 5,723 cases and 502 deaths related to the epidemic have been reported.

In Portugal, the state of emergency decreed on March 18th is likely to be extended according to authorities. As of Monday May 11, 27,581 cases and 1,135 deaths have been reported. Portugal is softening confinement measures by reopening small stores, hairdressers and car stores. Facemasks or face shields are compulsory in transit and stores.

In Ireland, Prime Minister Leo Varadkar called the population to keep upholding Covid-19 related restrictions. As of Monday May 11, 22,996 cases and 1,458 deaths have been reported.

The epidemic is spreading in Africa. South Africa includes 10,015 cases and 194 deaths as of today. Hunger threatens over 50 million people in Western Africa.

In India, the country has announced to extend lockdown to May 17. Restrictions are now applied in different manners. The government divided the country into three areas: red, orange and green, depending on the level and risks of contamination. India currently counts, as of Monday May 11, 67,259 cases reported and 2,212 deaths.

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