Massage Treatment is Traditional Medicine

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Known as a centuries-old healing practice, massage has been widely used in cultures and societies around the world pretty much since the beginning of modern civilization. The Chinese were early practitioners, as were the American Indians and the early Egyptians, who all discovered the benefits and practiced it regularly as a method of treating problems with the body

Whilst it hasn’t been practiced for quite as long in Australia if you are in need of help and treatment for an injury and are considering remedial massage Brisbane specialists are available in virtually every state and suburb to help identity treat the damaged parts of your body.

Familiar to many people, remedial massage therapy refers to the treatment of soft tissue and muscles by applying pressure and kneading. The techniques themselves vary by discipline but can involve the application of pressure to the body in various different ways, for example by using the hands, elbows, knuckles, and also the feet.

Experienced massage therapists can usually target and successfully treat most physical aches and pains affecting the performance of the body’s muscular system and tendons. Therapeutic treatment is combined with physical massage techniques to target and repair damaged areas. The techniques also benefit and relieve mental and physical stress. One of the more immediate reactions when receiving a massage is one relaxation. The feeling of deep calm is brought about by the brain, which releases endorphins into the body via the bloodstream which initiates calm feelings.

The types of massage available do of course vary by style and in the aspects that they are used to treat. A few of the more commonly practiced types include:

Remedial Massage, which involves the assessment and treatment of the signs and symptoms of biomechanical dysfunction or injury. Rehabilitation is promoted through the use of mobilization techniques which help to restore normal function.

The widely known Swedish massage is a therapeutic style of massage which is specifically used to promote relaxation of the body and to improve blood circulation

Lymphatic drainage massage involves gentle, whole-body treatment to ease the nervous system and help boost the body’s immune system.

Aromatherapy Massage is a relaxing and soothing form of practice that delivers therapeutic benefits with the use of essential oils which are included with the massage oil, to help target specific problems such as nervous tension, stress or poor sleeping patterns.

Reflexology Massage uses the logic that certain parts of the body can be targeted to benefit other parts of the system. Known as reflex points, these can be found on the hands, feet, and face and are massaged to stimulate the body’s inbuilt healing capabilities. The popularity of reflex massage has been demonstrated in recent years by its increasing use as a means of helping to improve the body’s own ability to look after itself by boosting immunity to improve the ability to fight and resist disease and infection.

Sports Massage is more focussed on the application of massage techniques to assist with a person’s training and recovery. Not a technique per se, this type of treatment is very much focussed upon the stage of training, the type of sport, and the condition of the person’s musculoskeletal system. It is widely used to enhance performance capabilities and to assist with the recovery of overworked muscles.

Ultimately massage in its various forms is a definite way to help the body. As well as increasing blood flow to damaged areas and helping to repair them, it’s also proven as a safe, complementary form of natural therapy that can help everybody to experience less pain and go about their daily lives a little bit easier. 

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